14 June 2012

Aaliya Khairina

TQ Che Pah :)

Bank Rakyat Bangsar

Order from Gee..also one of my regular customer. For Bank rakyat events :)

Happy 4th Anniversary

Order from Liza (one of my regular customer). This cuppies have been delivered to her hubby at Bank Rakyat 

13 June 2012

Apam Angry Bird

Apam Aiskrim

Cake for Abah

 Order from my regular customer Eryn

Thanks Azza

Blueberry Tiramisu Cake

Angry Bird Cake

Thanks Again Aliza for these order.  These cake comes with Angry Bird Playable Set Toys :)

Angry Bird Cupcakes

Thanks Aliza :)

Cake In Jar - NEW

New trend of cake presentation :)

Cake Available:

1. Red Velvet with cream cheese
2. Black & White Cake
3. Snowy Cheese
4. Chocolate Moist with Ganache
5. Bluberry/Strawberry Tiramisu
6. Batek Cheese

Dimension :  7.5cm x  7.5cm 

Price will be RM 8 per pc (plastic jar) or RM 10 in the bottle